LOT Virtual has many programs on offer for you, and new ones added frequently. That way, you'll never get bored!

Routes of the Week

Rapid Routes

Project Eagle

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Since we have a huge database, why not take advantage of it? Every week, our staff team will choose a different country/region for each day. All routes within the selected regions will have a 1.3x multiplier, while LOT Polish Airlines flights have a 1.5x multiplier. This is a great way for pilots to get more flight hours, and climb up the prestigious ranks of LOT Virtual.

Every so often, our staff team will release a random set of routes for you to fly with no rank restrictions and generous multipliers, but only for a limited time! Those who take advantage of it will greatly speed up their progress in climbing LOTV’s ranks and reaching the top!

Project Eagle is LOT Virtual’s new program which enhances the connectivity of LOT Virtual across the globe by serving destinations the real-life counterpart does not serve in real life. This increase the choices for our pilots to explore new destinations using the familiar colours they know. Check out our Project Eagle route database!

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